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Active Towed Array Sonar



The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Active Towed Array Sonar (ACTAS) is a low-frequency ASW sonar system that operates simultaneously in active and passive modes and provides high-resolution target detection. The detection ranges of ACTAS exceed the weapons range of hostile submarines, thereby denying the enemy an offensive capability. ACTAS provides excellent performance up to very long ranges, which includes over-the-horizon surveillance.

It is designed to detect, track and classify

  • Submarines

  • Torpedoes

  • Surface vessels, including speed boats

ACTAS(Active Towed Array Sonar) belongs to the generation of new and advanced ASW sonar systems, which comply with today’s naval requirements to counter the ASW threat by deploying high-transmission-level low-frequency sonar equipment at variable depth to achieve long-range submarine detection. The Active Towed Array Sonar System ACTAS is designed to support ASW operations against small, silent submarines over long ranges and in difficult sonar environments.

Main Features

Main Features

  • Transmitter with high source level and bandwidth

  • Coverage of entire 360° panorama, allowing simultaneous target detection and Doppler measurement from all directions

  • Hydrodynamic optimised towed system for high-speed sonar operations in deep and shallow waters

  • Robust and safe Winch and Handling System

  • Long acoustical array aperture to cover the important information in the low-frequency band

  • BITE and back-up functions

  • Performance prediction function

  • Bi- and multistatic operation

  • Transmission of various pulse types for detection and classification (moving/stationary targets)

  • Active and passive operation in parallel

  • Automatic torpedo warning function

ACTASM - Mobile Mission Module

ACTASM - Mobile Mission Module

Adapt Your Vessel to Your Mission  

Plug & play solutions for highest flexibility. Standard containers, connected to the CIC, offer a rapid switching of operational requirements. With the module ACTASM, the range capabilities of ASO and other hull-mounted sonars can be upgraded flexibly and independently of the platform to suit the current mission, also making it possible to initiate multistatic sonar scenarios.

ACTASM - Mobile Mission Module
ACTASM – a two container solution for an active/passive Towed Array Sonar.
ACTASM - Configuration
Flexible ASW configuration with detection/classification and underwater tactical picture.

ASW Sonar Portfolio

ASW Sonar Range
ATLAS - ASW Sonar Range
ASW Protector Areas
ATLAS - ASW Protector Areas