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The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Hull-Mounted Sonar (HMS) systems ASO 713/723 belong to the ASW sonar family in the 4th generation. More than 100 of these superior sonar systems have been sold over the past 30 years. ASO is designed for active and passive operations in the medium frequency band with the main focus on surveillance of the underwater situation, such as detection, classification and tracking of targets. With the ability of different operational modes and parameter settings, ASO systems are optimised for the detection of targets from littoral (shallow) to blue (deep) waters. Advanced processing methods ensure their efficient use for classic ASW tasks as well as self-protection of the surface combatant.

The ASO sonar is capable of detecting:

  • Submarines as well as midget- and mini-submarines

  • Small underwater vehicles, such as AUV, UUV  and diver delivery vehicles

  • Torpedoes

  • Underwater obstacles, such as moored mines

  • Speed boats

Main Features

Main Features

  • Target analysis and classification

  • Active and passive operation in parallel

  • Torpedo detection, classification and localisation (TDCL)

  • Obstacle and mine avoidance function

  • Integrated underwater telephony / telegraphy

  • Integrated simulation function / performance prediction function

  • Long-life encapsulated transducer technology

  • Lightweight system

  • Easy installation due to separation of wet and dry arrays

  • Integration with other sonar systems (e.g. AMACS, TAS or ACTAS) to form an integrated sonar suite

Options (some examples):

  • Creation of multistatic capabilities, thanks to simple integration using SONIX sonar buoy processing

  • Provision of bistatic capabilities, an extended detection range and complete 360-degree surveillance of the sea area through integration of the passive towed array sonar TAS (forming the integrated sonar system TASO)

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