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Communication Systems

Rapid and reliable communication links are a vital precondition for successful maritime security concepts. Our product range includes single radio consoles as well as complete mobile communication centres which are operational immediately after delivery to the site.


  •  ADLiS - The New Dimension in Network-based Opertaions


    The New Dimension in Network-based Opertaions   Product

  •  DVRS


    Digital Voice Recording System   Product

  •  Integrated Communication System

    Integrated Communication System


  •  ERX 3003 / RX 3003

    ERX 3003 / RX 3003

    Software Defined HF Exciter & VLF-HF Receiver   Product

  •  HF Radio Series 3000

    HF Radio Series 3000

    HF Receiver Transmitter Transceiver 150W-10kW   Product

  • DSC-Controller


  •  SEICAM 2000

    SEICAM 2000

    Message Handling & Control System   Product

  •  SEICAM 2020E

    SEICAM 2020E

    HF E-Mail communication system   Product

  •  SEICAM 3000

    SEICAM 3000

    Data Exchange for Internal/External Communications   Product

  •  SEICAM 5000

    SEICAM 5000

    IP-Based Digital Audio and Data Distribution   Product

  •  SEICAM 5066 System Architecture

    SEICAM 5066

    IP-Based HF Messaging System   Product

  •  MRS 5000

    MRS 5000

    Modular Rack System   Product

  •  Product Support

    Product Support

    Keeps Hagenuk Marinkommunikation Systems Running   Product