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Tactical Data Link System



The prime challenge is to give all participating units full information to meet the tactical situation and the requirements in near real-time for a common operational picture that can then be exploited to attain the highest possible level of strategic, operational and tactical objectives. In terms of battlespace advantages, the linking of people, platforms, sensors and weapons generates an increased speed of commands, a higher degree of self-synchronisation, and a high tempo of operations. In sum: enhanced combat power.

The unique characteristics and capabilities of the ATLAS Data Link System ADLiS® in the automated transfer of data between highly mobile and stationary units makes it an indispensable building block for attaining information superiority and mission effectiveness with network centric operations.

The innovative ATLAS Data Link System ADLiS® offers a degree of interoperability that is unprec-edented in the market: coverage of all NATO Link channels (11, 16, 22 and JREAP-C), provision of the new Link A for non-NATO units as well as the unique ability to allow data exchange between all channels.

Thus ADLiS® enables task forces to share one common operational picture – all information at the same moment for everyone in near real-time. The task forces get proven joint tactical data link capabilities comprising multiple data links, including Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, JREAP-C and SIMPLE. These include combat-proven command and control modules deployable on ships, submarines, land units and ground stations. ADLiS® enables forces to exploit tactical data and other information to develop a new kind of intelligence. Absolutely reliable and secure. The system offers the opportunity of being a subsystem of the existing combat management system or a stand-alone link application. Or task forces can keep their existing link solution and expand it by ADLiS® to interact with other link solutions.

Main Features

Main Features

  • ADLiS® functions, fully STANAG-conformant, as

    • concurrent interface unit

    • forwarding unit

    • single interface unit

  • Latest STANAG edition applicable

  • All channels served (single or multiple), including the forwarding between all NATO channels

  • Provision of SIMPLE channels for Link 11, 16 and 22 for the simulation and for the point-to-point communication

  • Common operational picture (COP)

  • Link 16 via satellite (JREAP)

  • Scalable system for single-channel as well as multi-channel operation

  • Proven in various NATO operations

  • Effective utilisation of COTS technology

  • Flexible, open system architecture

  • High reliability and secureness

Link A


ADLiS® Link A is a system developed for military applications beyond the NATO missions. Link A by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is based on a modern cipher and modem technology, for reliable and secure data exchange.

  • Modern non-NATO data link without the need for configuration, even with untrained users, for establishing ad-hoc radio networks

  • Utilisation of existing radios with data capability

  • Forwarding possible to other national and commercial link implementations

  • ADLiS® Link A is available as a stand-alone version (with situation picture and link functions) and can thus be easily installed on board, without having to be integrated into a CMS

  • HF/UHF/VHF frequency ranges possible

  • Customisable: - Encryption to customers’ requirements - Protocol extension - Transmission of photos / chat / Email

  • Link A enables the sharing of data between land and maritime assets

  • Independent communications network

  • Automatic network configuration

  • Range extension by automatic routing & relay

  • Link operation also via satellite