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ERX 3003 / RX 3003
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ERX 3003 / RX 3003



The ERX 3003 / RX 3003 are the new core units of the well-known and proven HF Radio Series 3000 from Hagenuk Marinekommunikation. The ERX 3003 is designed for semi-duplex voice and data transmission/reception and contains the complete exciter/receiver unit. It reserves space for e.g. multifunction data modem and configurations modules. The RX 3003 uses only the receiver part and is equipped with an additional built-in power supply.

With its outstanding and new RF direct sampling technology, this new radio boosts transceivers / receivers into the new generation of software defined radios (SDR) with 24 kHz wideband capabilities.

  • Frequency range: 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz transmit and 10 kHz to 30 MHz receive

  • HF @ SATCOM speed: Up to 24 kHz bandwidth allows up to 120 kBit/s data transmission speed

  • High dynamic conversion technology for outstanding co-site performance

  • Fully digital signal processing and software defined channel filtering eliminating any physical mixers and filter devices

  • Software defined architecture easily adaptable to upcoming standards by software upgrade

  • LAN interface for remote control + audio (VoIP)

Being compliant to air traffic management protocol ED 137 for HF, the radio can easily be integrated into air traffic control systems.

The modular concept of the ERX 3003 allows incremental upgrades. The unit provides facilities for various radio communication applications. Different hardware- and software-based options are available. The equipment is designed to service various kinds of interfaces and hence simplifies integration into complex systems.

Furthermore, the new ERX 3003 is fully compatible with its predecessor ERX 3000. Thus, the TRX 3xxx series is upgradable to HF wideband transceivers.

Main Features

Main Features

  • The optional 24 kHz wideband mode implemented in the new generation will boost the maximum data throughput in single sideband from 9,600 bps up to 120,000 bps compared to its narrowband predecessor.

  • Without an additional preselector, the receiver desensitisation in traditional co-site environments is already comparable to classical analogue radios with a 40 dB preselector.

  • Integration of new waveforms possible - in the base unit as well as on optional modem card

Options for Military Applications

  • HF wideband up to 24 kHz acc. to MIL-STD-188-110C, Appendix D

  • Implemented sidetone receiver functionality for data LINK 11 / 22 operation

  • Internal cryptography (voice and data) on modem card

Logistical Advantages

With the ERX 3003, HMK remains faithful to the logistic concept of minimizing the provision of device-specific spare parts. The construction as well as the internal modules of the ERX 3003 are the same for all 150 W to 10 kW transmitters / transceivers. The stand-alone receiver RX 3003 also features identical modules, however, the transmit function is disabled by its software configuration.


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