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Integrated Communication Systems




Based on decades of proven technical and operational expertise, Hagenuk Marinekommunikation enjoys an excellent reputation as a system house and system-of-systems integrator. More than 560 integrated communication systems have been delivered for surface vessels and submarines.

One of our major strengths is our capability to integrate any type of system or equipment with all kinds of interfaces into a common system. Integrated communication systems may consist of all kinds of equipment or subsystems with customer-selected components, whether composed in a single radio console, a large communication centre, or in containerized subsystems.

The operation of our broadband antenna systems overcomes the drawbacks of siting antennas (especially HF antennas) in a limited space and meets the demands for expansion of the number of available links (see block diagram above).

Stringent and comprehensive factory and field acceptance tests demonstrate both product and system integrity.

Our dedicated project management monitors and controls the entire project, culminating in final acceptance by the customer.

Main Features

Main Features

  • Integration of customer-selected equipment into a functional system

  • Adaptation of different interfaces

  • Consideration of shock, vibration and EMC requirements

  • Antenna top deck design in cooperation with shipyard

  • Test specifications for equipment / system tests


  • Integrated Communication System

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