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MRS 5000

MRS 5000



The highly compact and versatile console series MRS 5000 is the outcome of the company’s long-standing experience in the field of naval rack design for all kinds of Navy ships. Due to its modular, user-configurable and rugged construction, the MRS 5000 family of consoles can easily be adapted to any specific customer’s application.

The Modular Rack System MRS 5000 has been designed to support all naval console applications such as communications with message handling, command and control, system and network administration, monitoring, graphical and sensor data displays, and other workstation functions. In fact, the MRS 5000 provides a customizable, multifunction, multi-role rack system at a competitive price while maintaining the high military performance and applications flexibility.

Main Features

Main Features

Modular and rugged design
  • Dismountable version for submarine installations/refits

  • Shock and vibration in accordance with German BV430/BV440 standards

  • Optimum price/performance ratio

  • 19“ anti-magnetic rack system (stainless steel frames/ aluminium walls)

  • 19” equipment rack mounting section

  • Standard dual top-down or single screen arrangements, up to 20” size

  • Customizable work desk with desk light panels

  • Customizable colours

  • Screwed or welded construction, with or without shock mounts

  • High resolution camera

  • Built-in loudspeakers (option)

  • Single or multi-console arrangements

  • Screwed construction

  • Pallet mounting or shockmounts

  • Customized

    • work desk/shaping

    • desk light panels

    • colours

    • 19” equipment cabinet

  • EMI/EMC protection upon request