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In response to customer requirements and stimulated by the progress in and the availability of broadband IP network technologies, Hagenuk Marinekommunikation presents SEICAM® 5000 – the next generation of advanced integrated communications distribution system. SEICAM® 5000 not only supports traditional services but also interfaces to other IP-based subsystems. It provides a generic decentralized broadband IP network infrastructure for external / internal communications for naval ships, supporting all kinds of concurrent digital audio and data distribution services.

Seicam 5000 System Overview

In addition to traditional voice, audio and data distribution, SEICAM® 5000 is designed to integrate new IP-based services such as TV/video monitoring, videoconferences and audio / video on demand as well as other multimedia services. The technological advantages of SEICAM® 5000 are based on its flexible IP/VoIP-capable infrastructure. Thus, the system easily can be extended to new and future IP services.

Main Features

Main Features

Intelligent and compact user station
  • Touch screen operation with 6.5” colour TFT display

  • Split mode for external / internal operation

  • MMI with optional country language incl. Asian and Arabic

  • User specific desktop

  • Desktop available as application software for PCs

Reduction of cabling due to equipment-to-bus (EBI) concept
  • Distributed bus sockets for direct equipment access to radio network

  • No network interruption in case of equipment failure

  • Standard interfaces with ports for audio, data link, keying, equipment remote control, synchronous data and auxiliary functions

Flexible and decentralised system architecture
  • Radio Network for access to radio facilities

  • Intercom LAN with interfaces to other ship subsystems

  • Hierarchical security layers over firewall if required

  • Network management system for configuration, monitoring and control

  • Utilisation of existing IP backbone systems

Multi-services broadband IP infrastructure
  • Based on standard protocols

  • Capable of secure exchange of voice/audio, data/multimedia and video