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Coastal and Harbour Protection



The potential of asymmetric maritime threats is growing. Asymmetric threats take the form of terrorism, organized crime, drug smuggling and human trafficking. By their very nature, these dangers are extremely difficult to identify; they also require especially rapid response times of the defence systems, making timely detection a critical success factor.

The new ATLAS protection system ASCA® (ATLAS Security for Coastal Areas) considers the specific requirements of the diverse application environments through its extremely scalable and modular architecture. Thanks to the versatile configuration possibilities with underwater and surface sensors, an optimal situation picture can be generated for any local or regional needs. Starting with the protection of naval ports or other critical infrastructures up to the full surveillance of entire coastal regions and the EEZs extending up to 200 sea miles, ASCA® is able to cover all the necessary tactical, operational and strategic missions.

Harbour Protection

Harbour Protection

ASCA® is designed to secure coastal areas of interest. This includes critical infrastructures located at the coast, such as naval bases. The main objective is to detect, track, identify, classify and counter the possible threats e.g. terrorist attacks and criminal activities. The system integrates all kinds of surface and subsurface sensors, and generates an optimized operational picture. Besides this, the operator is supported by effective workflows to ensure a fast reaction.

The system can be run in stand-alone mode or can be integrated into a network environment.

Example scenario for harbour protection

To secure not only critical infrastructures but also own assets during specific missions, ATLAS has developed a containerized version of ASCA®. This is the smallest configuration that can be easily transported by vessel or truck to the location of interest.

The main advantages are:

  • Fast relocation

  • Ready for use on land or platform

  • Can be carried by every common type of transportation

The smallest ASCA® System configuration is available within a container and can be part of missions wherever needed.

Coastal Protection

Coastal Protection

Because ASCA® is very scalable, the system can cover not only real-time applications for the protection of critical infrastructures but also near-real-time to non-real-time applications for the strategic applications often used at headquarters.

This system integrates data gained by very different sensor platforms, such as satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and surface vessels — even legacy systems.

To share important information, a data communication protocol called ADLiS® Link A can be used.

Example scenario for coastal protection


  • Operational picture for surface and subsurface

  • Civil and military applications

Military applications include:

  • Multi-mission planning (e.g. SAT, MCM, anti-narcotics trafficking)

  • Handling of classified data (e.g. EW data)

  • Integration of the sensor/weapon chain


  • Easy handling due to simple and modern touch HMI

  • User-friendly workflow for high efficiency

  • Short delivery times (container)

  • Scalable design – from container  to headquarters

  • Modular design – further capabilities (e.g. IMCMS) can be purchased independently