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Cerberus Yacht Sonar
Diver Detection Sonar



Cerberus Yach Sonar is 360° underwater security system.


When used for monitoring guests on dive an alarm is raised if they venture beyond a prescribed safe zone.


Used as a security tool an alarm is raised when sonar targets are viewed as a threat to the yacht.


Cerberus is a diver detection sonar system with proven track record in the defence and superyacht markets. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK brings over 70 years of underwater sonar expertise to the superyacht market and is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading sonar manufacturers.



  • Smallest and lightest diver detection sonar in class

  • Simple ‘over the side‘ or through hull deployment

  • Easily deployed by a single crew member

  • Simple and intuitive control and display

  • Tracks plotted on navigation chart or exported as NMEA data

  • Automated operation with automatic alarming

  • Minimal training

  • Can be operated stand-alone or integrated into yacht security or ECDIS system


Technical Overview

Cerberus Sonar Head  

  • Physical: 0.3m(dia.) x 0.377(h), 23kg

Max Cable Length 

  • 75m

Processing Unit  

  • 3U 19” Card frame

Power Requirement 

  • 400w rMS (1.9kw Peak), 240/115V A.C., 10A/20A

User Interface  

  • KVM connection to integrated PC running Cerberus GUi

ARPA Interface  

  • NMEA output: ArPA data string for each displayed target ($STMM...)

  • NMEA input: Ships own heading and 

  • GPS data

Deployment System

Deployment System

ATLAS ELEKTONIK UK has developed the Cerberus Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) through hull sonar hoist which provides an alternative means of sonar deployment for Yacht owners and operators who require the convenience of an automated deployment system.


Simple Integration

The compact and expandable system is designed to be installed as a stand alone system and with minimal integration effort by the shipyard. The system only requires a mechanical interface, mains electrical power and an Ethernet network connection for it to be installed in any suitable location below deck.


Ease of Operation

From the outset the system has been designed to provide the simplest of operation and as a result is operated by a stylish, yet simple control panel or software interface located on the bridge.



The hoist has been designed to be extended to cater for larger yacht installations where an increased deployment depth below the yacht is required.



  • Cerberus Yacht Sonar - Datasheet

    (PDF) download
  • Cerberus Yacht Sonar - Booklet

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  • Cerberus Yacht Sonar - Hoist

    (PDF) download
  • Service Tool Kit

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  • Cerberus Yacht Sonar - Support Services

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