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Unmanned MCM System


The ARCIMS system is the next generation unmanned Mine Counter Measures (MCM) solution to help meet military requirements. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK was able to bring to bear its decades of experience in MCM capability with the work we have done with UK MOD and the Royal Navy and develop the system which is highly configurable by the user.


The extremely capable MCM system uses an 11m USV platform, transportable by road, ship and air to enable rapid deployment to an operational area. The system is also capable of being deployed and operated from the shore, from a surface ship and even hosted on a mine countermeasures vessel. It can be operated standalone or as part of the internationally renowned ATLAS Integrated Mine Counter Measures System (IMCMS). 

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK is in the final stages of supplying two ARCIMS to an undisclosed customer and have been conducting extensive trials at our Bincleaves sea test facility. Our operation of ARCIMS in fully autonomous unmanned mode has proven the maturity of the technology and the ability to take the man out of the minefield.

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