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ATLAS Mobile MCM Capabilities.
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In order to also equip ships operating outside their own waters with an initial capability for mine countermeasures, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has developed a mission module derived from the IMCMS®.

The C-IMCMS System can be deployed from non-specialised platforms and from the shore as well. With the shift in threat from a comprehensive global conflict to small-scale regional crises, requiring power projection from the sea off a foreign coast, naval forces are enhancing their MCM capabilities in order to support initial MCM operations through so-called mission modules. Such solutions enable the MCM assets to conduct MCM operations even if dedicated and highly specialised MCM forces are not in theatre. MCM mission modules make use of off-board sensors and effectors providing high operational performance combined with minimised direct exposure of the crew and platform to the mine threat.

C-IMCMS Mission Module

Main Features

Main Features

  • „„Comprehensive presentation of tactical and navigation data incl. WECDIS (ENC, DNC, Vmap, ARCS) and additional military layers for all MW-operations

  • Generation and management of tactical data base

  • Control of integrated subsystems

  • Minehunting Sonar, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Mine Disposal Vehicle (MDV), Self-Propelled Variable Depth Sonar

  • Remote Minesweeping (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

  • Planning for all MW operations

  • Mission execution supported by:

    • Surface surveillance (Raw RADAR and ARPA)

    • Data logging

    • Comprehensive system status monitoring

  • Post-mission analysis / Mission Evaluation

  • Contact management

  • Message handling

  • „„Simulation for on-board training on system level

  • „„Built-in test equipment (functional and hardware level) and maintenance

  • Mine Warfare Data Center (shore-based or afloat)

  • Link Capability