What we do

Unified Post Mission Analysis, Seabed Mapping & Reporting

Classiphi is in operational service with the UK Royal Navy

  • Hydrographic survey processing   

  • Route survey operations   

  • MCM survey with VSW and Recce UUVs (Remus 100 & 600 vehicles)   

  • Route survey database at UKHO


Classiphi provides a unified framework for the processing of sensor data from a range of hull mounted, towed and unmanned vehicle based sensor systems. Its consistent approach to data handling irrespective of source provides a unified, streamlined, framework for the analysis of survey data. Classiphi provides tools for the production of seabed classification maps, contact marking and reporting.

Classiphi is Windows based software suitable for use on standard hardware from laptops to workstations and provides easy interoperability with standard Office applications for versatile data reporting.

Classiphi is developed around an extensible framework that can accommodate many roles. It has been designed to allow integration and linking with external processing and command systems. This enables digital data output from Classiphi to be exploited rapidly. Classiphi can export survey and contact data in a variety of formats, both dedicated and industry standard (e.g. ESRI Shapefile), providing compatibility with third party systems.

The baseline Classiphi consists of two core packages – the Classiphi GIS and the Classiphi Sonar Toolkit. These packages share a common database that provides for interaction with further client applications.

The Classiphi GIS is a versatile viewing tool providing control over a wide range of sensor and mapping data in a simple to use package. It provides the facility to display multiple layers of user data (including S-57 ENC charts and aerial imagery). Live data feeds can be integrated into the GIS display to provide real-time situational awareness.

The Sonar Toolkit provides the interface to sensor data. Tightly integrated with the GIS it provides tools for transforming raw sonar data into high quality sonar mosaics together with facilities for target marking and measuring. The Toolkit provides a consistent interface to multiple sonar types supporting industry standard sonar file formats.

Classiphi provides tools for accurate contact marking, analysis and classification. Contacts may be exported in a range of formats to accommodate specific command systems, generic output or customised to user requirements.

Post Mission Analysis

Classiphi has a proven track record for Post Mission Analysis. It has seen extensive operational use by the RN with their VSW UUV (Hydroid Remus us 100). On the basis of its established performance, Classiphi has recently been upgraded as the post mission analysis tool for the RN’s new reconnaissance UUV based on Hydroid’s Remus us 600 vehicle.

Route Survey

Classiphi is aimed at professional route survey users, whether for cable or pipeline routing, or for naval route survey. The ability to read in charts and contact databases produced from previous surveys combined with flexible change detection tools enable rapid identification of recently introduced features.

Contact Database and Charting

The Classiphi GIS and sonar toolkit are linked to a database containing all chart and contact features, enabling powerful database queries and comparisons.

Purchasing & Support

Classiphi is available as a fully integrated system running on a standard Windo ws PC. Hardware are solutions are are available to meet the needs of the most demanding users. Users who purchase a maintenance agreement receive regular updates and new features as they become available. Comprehensive operator training courses are available to customer requirements.