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Eliminating threats effectively.



With the aid of mine hunting sonars such as the hull-mounted sonar HMS-12M or the AUV-based synthetic aperture sonar MCMSAS, threat objects can be detected and classified, no matter whether they are positioned on the seabed or in the water column. Once detected, the threat object will be identified and cleared by means of the expendable mine disposal system SeaFox®.

Besides mine hunting, the other main mine countermeasure technique is called influence mine sweeping. By modelling the target ship’s magnetic and acoustic character, this method simulates its signature. ATLAS ARCIMS combines the simulation sweeping capability with a remote-controlled unmanned surface vehicle (USV) in order to trigger the mine at a safe distance to the crew and the MCM platform.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has been setting the standard in this field and is the only company in the world which is able to develop and manufacture all of these capabilities from a single source.

A perfectly matched system with all the products from a single source – ATLAS ELEKTRONIK

Main Features

Main Features

  • „„Comprehensive presentation of tactical and navigation data incl. WECDIS (ENC, DNC, Vmap, ARCS) and additional military layers for all MW-operations

  • Generation and management of tactical data base

  • Control of integrated subsystems
    Minehunting Sonar, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Mine Disposal Vehicle (MDV), Self-Propelled Variable Depth Sonar

  • Remote Minesweeping (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

  • Planning for all MW operations

  • Mission execution supported by:

    • Surface surveillance (Raw RADAR and ARPA)

    • Data logging

    • Comprehensive system status monitoring

  • Post-mission analysis / Mission Evaluation

  • Contact management

  • Message handling

  • „„Simulation for on-board training on system level

  • „„Built-in test equipment (functional and hardware level) and maintenance

  • Mine Warfare Data Center (shore-based or afloat)

  • Link Capability



  • IMCMS - Eliminating Threats Effectively

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