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Synthetic Aperture Sonar

Atlas Elektronik’s Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) has been designed and developed to meet the requirements of civilian survey markets providing a robust, high performance survey system that is easily integrated onto small platforms due to its compact and modular design.

The Vision advantage

  • Integrated survey solution – sonar hardware, SAS processing and survey mosaicing

  • Long range – rapid area coverage reduces survey time and cost

  • High resolution – exceptional image quality allows detection and identification of small targets

  • Constant Image Quality – Synthetic aperture processing provides constant resolution across the entire sonar swath

  • Low power –specifically designed to maximise AUV endurance

  • Proven technology – multiple units in-service with hundreds of hours of problem free operation

  • Compact – self-contained for ease of integration with host platforms

  • Low cost of ownership – No maintenance requirements

Vision 600 is a Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) system suitable for integration into new or existing AUVs.

The system comprises an outboard sonar system, data storage, inboard SAS data processing and display system with connectivity to Automatic Target Recognition (ATR). Simple interface requirements are coupled with low power consumption and high capacity data storage allowing the operator over 12hr survey or reconnaissance operations.

The system is capable of processing data from various platform speeds generating full swath, geo-referenced images to the operator in real time. Imagery can be displayed using ATLAS UK’s Classiphi sonar display tool extensively used by the Royal Navy for post mission analysis. Alternatively, data can be exported in industry standard XTF format for display on customer facilities. The processing hardware can also be attached to a customer supplied networked storage device for data archiving. The SAS processing provides 200 metre wide image swaths at constant 25mm resolution.

This solution provides the next generation seabed survey with constant pixel resolution out to 100 metres. Vision 600 offers significant improvement in resolution over conventional sidescan technology.

The Vision 600 offers long range imagery with a resolution that is constant and significantly greater than conventional sidescan sonar:

Range (m)Resolution
Vision 6001002.5 cm (constant)
Sidescan (400 kHz)10046 cm
5023 cm
Sidescan (800 kHz)10023 cm

11 cm

Vision 600 Specification

System performance
Typical range (water depth <10m)100m
Resolution (cross and long track)25mm
Outboard sonar system
Operating depthUp to 600 m
Receive array600 mm
Transmit array100 mm
Electronics pressure housing100 mm
Power supply32 VDC
Power consumption>100W
Sonar weight28 kg
Removable data storage<12 hrs
INS interfaceEthernet or RS422
Sonar processor
Real time post processed data on dual screens

Ruggedised weather resistance casing
Supply Voltage115/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
InterfacesXTF formatted data via Ethernet

Vision modularity

The flexible design of the Vision sonar allows the system to be configured to support various customer requirements.

  • Vision 600 Dual Frequency – a low frequency transmitter to provide seabed penetration

  • Vision 1200 – for customers requiring extended range to 200m at 5cm resolution

  • Vision 1800 – delivering ranges of 250m at 7.5cm resolution

  • Vision 2400 – delivering long at higher speeds – 190m at 9 knots

  • Bathemetry – Vision 600 is also able to provide height finding and bathymetry

Open data interface to automatic target recognition and signal processing.

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