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Self Noise Monitoring System


CIRCE is an easy use, accurate system that submairne crew can use to monitor and record self noise.  The system is made up of a number of Self Noise Hydrophones (SNH) that are external to the pressure hull, a computer processor and a display/control interface.

The operator can monitor and record real-time acoustic data from the SNH correlated with machinery status information and Navigation data harvested from the Sonar network to:

  • Continuously monitor the own-ship self noise signature while at sea,

  • Immediately detect and therefore reduce the duration and impact of acoustic indiscretions,

  • Detect and localise abnormal noises which may be produced by:

    • A cavitating propeller,

    • Any piece of plant or machinery operating within the submarine,

    • Any loose or unsecured items in the sail or casing,

    • An object fouling the hull,

    • Flow related structural resonances,

    • Degraded isolation between internal structures and hull.

  • Provide long term machine state monitoring and management of the mechanical noise-producing machinery on the submarine,

  • Allow collection of baseline signatures for comparison across hulls and over time.