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ISUS® 100
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ISUS 100 - Integrated Sensor  Underwater System



ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is the undisputed technology and world market leader in command and weapon control systems for non-nuclear submarines. Our “Integrated Sensor Underwater System” (ISUS®) is based on many years of experience, is tried and tested, is always at the latest technological level and, thanks to its modular structure and open system architecture, can easily be adapted to suit individual customer requirements and diverse operational scenarios. It enables the submarine crew to fully perceive their surroundings and to analyse the situation in detail, permitting a rapid and reliable response.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has the expertise for integrating all kinds of effectors into the ISUS® suite. With the heavyweight torpedo SEAHAKE® mod4, we are the only company in the world that is able to supply the entire sensor-to-shooter functional chain for conventional submarines as a one-stop solution.

The quality, reliability and performance of this system is unparalleled worldwide. And this technology lead is highly valued by our clients: ISUS® is well-established at more than ten navies around the globe; our sonar systems are in service with over two dozen navies.

Main Features

Main Features


A high level of situational awareness within the operational environment of a submarine is necessary to ensure that command decisions are as informed and as effective as possible. ISUS 100 exploits data derived from multiple high resolution acoustic and non-acoustic sensors to build a clear, unambiguous, real time tactical picture of the operational arena. New generation long range acoustic sensors extend the spatial envelope and resolution of the Commander’s situational awareness. The analysis and fusion of information derived from multiple sensors improves the accuracy, reliability of and confidence in the information within the tactical picture.

ISUS 100 - Real-Time Tactical Pictures

Improved detection ranges and target bearing accuracy in complex littoral environments are achieved with the new generation of high resolution acoustic sensors within ISUS 100. It can be configured for your specific operational needs and can include the following sensors:

  • Large acoustic aperture long-range sonar sensors such as our Expanded Flank Array (EFAS) and reelable thin line Extended Towed Array Sonar (ETAS).

  • Intercept and ranging sonars for rapid detection and classification of off-platform sonars and transients, such as IDRS and CIA arrays.

  • High performance medium frequency sonar with near 360° coverage – Enhanced Cylindrical Array Sonar (ECAS) with vertical beam steering capability.

  • Navigation aid sonars for operations in the littoral such as the Forward Look Active Sonar (FLAS) with sea bottom mapping, mine and collision avoidance capabilities.

Superior Sensor Sonar Performance

A full sensor to shooter capability ensures the effective integration of all aspects of the combat system. ISUS 100 provides you with the entire functional chain from high performance acoustic and non-acoustic sensors through to sophisticated weapons and effectors, enabling rapid and effective prosecution of a target from first detection through to threat neutralisation. An overall system approach ensures efficient and cost effective integration and information flow throughout the system. ISUS 100 includes:

  • High performance acoustic sonar and non-acoustic sensors (such as attack periscope, optronic masts, ESM radar/ communication systems, Tactical Data link)

  • Comprehensive command and control capabilities

  • Sophisticated analysis and sonar performance tools to support threat assessments and tactical planning

  • Weapons and their control (torpedoes, missiles and countermeasures)

Full Sensor to Shooter Capability

ISUS 100 enables you to harness the full potential of modern high performance sensors to maximise your warfighting capability with fewer operators and less operator training.

Modern high resolution sensors and their associated processing generate large amounts of information that, unless managed, will easily overwhelm a team of combat system operators. ISUS 100 applies intelligent management of the information flow within the
combat system and automation of tasks traditionally undertaken by an operator to ensure that operators‘ workload remains at levels that enable them to optimize their contribution to a submarine’s warfighting capability. Heavy operator workload is also alleviated through  the  application of novel algorithms for the extraction of features with low signal to noise, rules based expert systems for target classification and the use of innovative displays which have been tested with submariners.

Minimum Operator Workload

A COTS PC based modular open system architecture enables your ISUS 100 to:

  • Be configured to meet your specific operational and platform requirements

  • Have third party components and algorithms included within

  • Be cost effectively upgraded through life to extend capability to meet new requirements

  • Exploit the significant advances in COTS hardware to maximize processing performance whilst minimizing power consumption

  • Minimize through life costs and ensure cost effective capability upgrades and obsolescence management.

Open System Architecture



  • Patrolling littoral waters bounded by hostile coasts and harbours over long periods of time.

  • Gathering information from acoustic, electromagnetic, and optronic sensors without being discovered. Participation in net centric operations making use of covert information networks.

The ISUS 100 Capabilities
  • Deploying missiles, heavyweight torpedoes and unmanned underwater vehicles unanticipated by the enemy.

Self Protection
  • Self protection utilising forward looking active sonar. Integrated torpedo counter measure systems with soft-kill and hard-kill effectors for self defence.

System Architecture

System Architecture

The Integrated Sensor Underwater System ISUS 100 provides the complete functional chain from sensor to shooter control. Sonar allows for panoramic detection, analysis, and classification of surface vessels, submarines, torpedoes, and other contacts. Electromagnetic and optical sensors plus tactical data links deliver additional contact information. Contacts from any acoustic and non acoustic sensors are managed by command & control and are compiled into a comprehensive tactical picture. Particular control functions enable the operation of long range, wire guided torpedoes and missiles. Various support functions complete the picture and open and modular system architecture guarantees maximum usability, availability, and flexibility.

ISUS 100 System Architecture