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Sonar Data Recording System


The SDRS is a sea proven, advanced, data recorder built for integration with a variety of different Sonar Data and Combat Systems.

The System interfaces to the Sonar Data Network to receive acoustic sonar streams as well as non acoustic vessel data (such as heading, machinery status, etc).

The SDRS enables Sonar data to be captured and recorded in a format that allows off site playback and detailed analysis.

The SDRS interfaces with the vessel’s Sonar network to capture both acoustic and non-acoustic data streams from a wide range of sensors.  The SDRS can record all of the digitised Sonar audio data streams available on the network, along with:

  • Raw Sonar data  including:

    • Towed Array data

    • Cylindrical Array data

    • Distributed Array data

    • Flank Array data

    • Mine Avoidance Array data

    • Intercept Array data

  • Own Noise data.

In addition to the Sonar streams, the SDRS is capable of recording the following non acoustic data streams to assist in post event analysis:

  • Own ship navigation

  • Sonar tracker

  • Speed of sound

  • Machinery Status

  • Towed Array Positioning