What we do

Shore Based Information Centre


SOBIC is an advanced tertiary acoustic analysis system which provides high speed, interactive processing of SONAR data on a standard PC based platform.

Recorded data is passed to SOBIC for detailed analysis to assist an organisation build a library of information and examples of contacts gained and/or prosecuted to assist with operator training and to expand the knowledge base of contacts of interest.

SOBIC provides the full complement of standard sonar displays, including full colour GRAMs, DEMON and Bearing Time History (BTH) displays as well as advanced means to analyse signals (pulses) from Active Sonar. 

SOBIC provides the facility to generate multiple processed displays of data from a single data set.  The same data can be processed using different bandwidths, resolutions, histories, integration levels and normalisation processes.  Once processed, the data can be displayed in GRAM form (frequency against time), Spectrum form (frequency against signal intensity) or PULSE (Level/Frequency against time). A GRAM display provides an indication of frequency data versus time.  For Active Signals SOBIC allows for a detailed analysis of the pulse structure. Tools are provided to assist with the measurement of frequency, time and signal excess, as well as Doppler shift Closest Point of Approach (CPA), Lloyds Mirror interference patterns and harmonic relationship dividers.

Depending on the format of the recorded data, Tactical data embedded within the recorded data can be displayed in SOBIC. Information derived from analysis of the recorded data can be directly stored in a database application for future use. The database allows for the storing of alpha-numeric, GRAM and Pulse information derived from the processed data.  Data is stored in a hierarchical structure such that searches can be instigated to assist with signature analysis.