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ATLAS Integrated Mission System

AIMS - ATLAS Integrated Mission System



Providing a strong presence and the ability of performing special tasks whenever necessary are even more important at sea than on land. The solution: flexible offshore patrol vessels (OPVs). Although the goal is to deploy as many OPVs as needed for the required presence, equipping all units so that they are able to meet all the operational requirements is hardly a financeable option.
The solution: a modular system.

The "ATLAS Integrated Mission System" (AIMS) by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is the core element of a solution that covers the basic requirements of an OPV, including the equipment needed for ship handling (bridge) and the command system and, in addition, offers the possibility of including various modules for the full integration of special operational capabilities.

AIMS - Concept

AIMS comprises an integrated bridge system, external and internal communication channels, baseline functions of command & control including the basic suite of weapons, video and data networks as well as comprehensive documentation possibilities. When it is expanded by special mission modules, AIMS is able to unfold its real power: changing payloads, integrated into e.g. standard containers and connected to the bridge system via LAN, offer rapid switching of operational possibilities. Whether the need is for mine countermeasures or coastal protection, hydrography or underwater reconnaissance, providing a floating hospital or combating oil spills – with AIMS, any vessel can quickly become a dedicated platform surpassing its normal patrol duties by far. What is more, it is possible to retrofit vessels already in service.

Main Features

Main Features

  • Full equipment package (navigation, C²) including

    • Integrated Bridge System

    • Data Fusion / Threat Evaluation / Situational Awareness / Weapon assignment

    • Multi-Link System ADLiS including forwarding

  • Modern and proven Combat Management System

    • Derived from ATLAS Naval Combat System (ANCS) for warships like the new German frigate class F125

    • Free to interface any subsystem

    • Scalable and modular

  • Gain the flexibility to adapt your vessel to your mission

    • Interfaces for mission modules included

    • Ready to integrate mission modules like ASWM and IMCMSM

  • Easy to learn, operate and maintain

Mission Modules

Mission Modules

AIMS creates the environment for assigning a special task to a ship without having to relocate specialised units over far distances. Fitted with systems for mine countermeasures, underwater reconnaissance, coastal surveillance, hydrographic surveying or searching for natural resources, the mission containers can be loaded directly from the quay, transported by supply ship, or airlifted to the corresponding platform.

AIMS - Basic Modules
AIMS - Basic Modules

As a result, the OPV does not need to leave its operational area, yielding yet another reduction in operating costs. The higher operational economy offered by AIMS is particularly effective with newbuildings: special tasks no longer have to be integrated beforehand, but can quickly and easily be added in the required scope for variable operational periods. With a customised selection of AIMS-supported OPV systems, you can boost the performance of your vessels several times over – at comparatively low investment costs.

AIMS - Expansion Modules
AIMS - Expansion Modules