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AI&R Sonars
Acoustic Intercept and Ranging


The Sonartech AI&R Sonar’s are a family of well-proven submarine sonar processing systems providing the ability to intercept, process and display all sonar transmissions.

The AI&R systems will localise and characterise the signal source for immediate and effective recognition.  It also provides localisation solutions for many other sources of transient energy.

Bearing, range, course and speed of the signal source are provided to the Command Team without the need to conduct any own-ship manoeuvres.

The system is most effective against high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) contacts and will automatically produce highly reliable solutions from a single intercept.

Typically, they will achieve at least three times the ranging performance of the transmitting sonar.

The Sonartech AI&R Sonar’s are currently in use with multiple Navies throughout the world including the Australian, Israel, Greece.  The Sonartech Intercept Detection and Ranging Sonar (IDRS) has now been fully integrated with the Atlas Elektronik ISUS90 Submarine Combat System.