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ANCS - Combat System



Military operations necessitate the capability for engaging hostile surface combatants, submarines, aircraft, missiles and torpedoes for self-protection as well as for task force protection.

In addition, the core tasks of the navy in the 21st century include the safeguarding of shipping lanes in national and international waters, together with the support of military operations in crisis areas and war zones

OMADA Consoles

A traditional warship has to be transformed into a multi-role combat ship in order to meet the changing operational requirements and varied tasks associated with providing maritime security.

With the F125 class frigate, the German Navy has taken the step forward to a multi-role surface combatant. Besides its many new capabilities, the ANCS combat management system now also covers the expanded mission profile, such as the precise, selective and flexible engagement of enemy forces, tactical fire support from sea to land, support for special forces, the combating of asymmetric threats, as well as joint and multinational operations with prolonged availability in operational areas all over the world.

Main Features

Main Features

Modern and Proven CMS
  • Compliant to NATO standards

  • Germany is parent navy

  • In use for OPV, FAC, corvettes and frigates

Scaleable and Modular Design
  • Model-driven software architecture

  • Interfaces for mission modules

  • Free to interface any subsystem

User-Centric Human Machine Interface
  • Role-based virtual desktops

  • Ergonomic design

  • Context-sensitive menus and data

  • User interface independent of operational software

OMADA SC Console
Advanced System Functions
  • Asymmetric warfare

  • Joint Firing

  • Supports CTG / Special Forces

  • Full-Vessel simulation & training

  • NATO-Compliant identification and classification (STANAG 4162)

Interface to Multi-Link System ADLiS
  • Link 22

  • Link 16 and JREAP-C

  • Link 11


  • ADLIS Link A

  • National Links

Integrated and Secure Data Network
  • Fully redundant

  • Supports multiple information domains

  • Red/red and red/black separation



ATLAS has a proud history of combat management implementations for various surface combatants. In combination with our experienced combat system integrators ATLAS is able to provide sound combat systems for the German Navy and for export customers.

2016 Reference - F125
2016 Germany
Baden-Württemberg Class
2015 Reference - Meko 200
2015 Undisclosed
MEKO 200
2014 Reference - Turva
2014 Finland
Turva Class
2008 - Reference Braunschweig
2008 Germany
Braunschweig Class
2007 - Reference Hämeenmaa
2007 Finland
Hämeenmaa Class
Mine Layer
2006 - Reference Pattani
2006 Thailand
Pattani Class
2005 - Reference Kedah
2005 Malaysia
Kedah Class
2005 - Reference Kedah
2005 Finland
Hamina Class
Fast Attack Craft
2004 - Reference F124
2004 Germany
Sachsen Class