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Mobile Acoustic Range System


The Sonartech Atlas’ Mobile Acoustic Range System (MARS) provides a flexible, economical alternative to this traditional model of a fixed range system.

MARS enables rapid deployment of sensors in any area designated suitable for underwater range activities.

MARS uses Global Positioning System (GPS) fitted, extended acoustic range sonobuoys as acoustic sensors and coherent, encoded pingers attached to the target vessel(s) and/or trials weapons (both referred to as vehicles).  This enables the location of the vehicles to be accurately determined.

The MARS processor can process up to sixteen sonobuoys, and buoys of the following types can be processed simultaneously:

  • Bathythermal

  • Ambient Noise (eg, LOFAR).

Container options for the Hardware include (not limited to):

  • Conduction or Air Cooled ATRs

  • 19” Racks

  • Ruggedised Laptops

  • Standard PC or Laptop