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Multi Influence Ranges

Multi Influence Ranges

Atlas Elektronik’s transportable Signature Management Ranges are a suite of modular ranging systems that have been developed to meet the MCM and ASW needs of platform authorities, operational planners and naval staff.

  • Acoustic signature hygiene assessment

  • Keel and beam aspect acoustic measurements

  • Magnetic and electric signature hygiene assessment

  • Static magnetic signature measurement and prediction

  • Static electric signature measurement and prediction

  • Degaussing system coil setting optimization

Magnetic analysis application

Vessel magnetic signature levels are assessed and managed using the MSARS magnetic and electric data analysis software, which offers the following user functionality:

  • Graphical display of magnetic and electric signature data

  • Intuitive manual and computed degaussing system coil set up

  • Vessel signature modelling and prediction

Acoustic analysis application

Vessel acoustic signatures are assessed and managed using the ASPS acoustic data analysis sofware, which offers the following user functionality:

  • One-third octave processing

  • Narrowband processing

  • Lofargram processing

Vessel tracking system

High accuracy vessel tracking is achieved through a RTK GPS system. The tracking application offers the user the ability to:

  • Configure the range

  • Set up the transit line

  • Monitor vessel progress during the ranging process

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