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Airborne Sonobuoy Data Recorder


The Sonartech Atlas SDR-4 data recorder provides high density, high fidelity recording for up to 32 sonobuoy streams, up to 4 intercom channels and a tactical data stream.

All data is recorded to a single, random access, multiplexed, time coherent digital data file that is written to removable data storage media based on either a HDD or flash memory module.  The recorder can record maximum rate data flow for in excess of 24 hours on a single data storage module.  Data storage can be consumed in a single sortie or multiple sorties may be recorded on a single data storage module.

SDR-4 can be configured to accept acoustic data from either standard analogue sonobuoy receivers, in which case the SDR-4 carries out A to D conversion where necessary, or from a Software Defined Sonobuoy Receiver or other data source, in which case the already digitised data is multiplexed and recorded.

SDR-4 can be configured to run automatically on power-up, or be provided with a control panel, providing operator control of the recording process.