What we do

Airborne Sonobuoy Processor


The airborne version of the Sonix is built entirely from aerospace grade components integrating our proven technologies to create a high performance, multifunction acoustic processing solution that:

  • Receives, processes, displays and records data in real –time from all current sonobuoys

  • Provides sophisticated primary and secondary processing and analysis capabilities

  • Is modular and scalable for a variety of airborne platforms.

A COTS PC Version of the Sonix can also be provided for ground replay/training applications.

Sonix-A can be delivered in two military certified configurations:

  • ½ ATR footprint chassis (conduction cooled for MPA/Helicopters)

  • ATR Chassis (forced air cooled for MPA/Ground Stations.

The Sonix-A system comes with up to 64 channels of independent signal acquisition – each channel compatible with analogue or digital sonobuoys.

All chassis and hardware combinations are design and built to military/aerospace standards.