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Maritime Sonobuoy Processor


The maritime variant of the Sonix (Sonix-M) utilises cost effective COTS and/or MOTS components to create a value for money, high performance, multifunctional acoustic processing solution that:

  • Collects, processes, displays and records data in real –time from sonobuoy, hull mounted or towed array sonar receivers

  • Has a specialised Torpedo Defence Mode that provides real-time accurate data to enable counteraction to be undertaken.

  • Provides sophisticated primary and secondary processing and analysis capabilities.

The Sonix-M system can be deployed via a number of chassis and hardware platforms, such as:

  • ATR chassis

  • VME chassis

  • Ruggedised PC

  • Desktop/Laptop PC.

The Sonix-M architecture can be tailored to provide up to 64 independent channels of sonobuoy, hull mounted and towed array processing.