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Transportable Acoustic Range

Transportable Acoustic Range

Atlas Elektronik’s Transportable Acoustic Range (TAR) is designed to measure the passive radiated noise signature and assess the acoustic hygiene of surface vessels and submarines

TAR Key Features

  • Small, lightweight and quick to deploy

  • Beam aspect one-third octave and narrowband signal and data processing

  • Wide bandwidth and high dynamic range

  • Real time upload of buoy data

  • GPS based tracking of buoy and range vessel

  • Long range command and control

  • Long endurance

  • Deep water and inshore operation

  • Complements ASW and MCM toolsets

The TAR is a small lightweight system which is simple to deploy and recover.
It can be employed for routine range measurements or during operational deployment for measuring and assessing acoustic signatures prior to naval operations.

The wide bandwidth and high dynamic range make it highly suitable for measuring the acoustic signature of a wide range of platforms including commercial shipping, military surface ships and submarines.

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