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COBRA is an exclusive EOD tool available only on SeaFox
COBRA afford a cost effective historical ordnance disposal capability!
COBRA is effective against floating and drifting mines!

Main features

  • Low cost disposal capability

  • Multiple target prosecution / multiple target initiation

    • Remote RF-coded initiation capability

  • Commercial up to 1.5 km • Military unit up to 22 km

  • 3 methods of attachment to target:Nail attachment units

    • Harpoon for soft-skinned targets

    • Magnetic grabs

    • hydrodynamic, buoyancy compensated, one-shot, detachable cowl

  • supplied inert, Non-Electric (NONEL) components and Non Primary Explosive Detonators (NPEDs), classified 1.4S

  • Non hazardous prior to final preparation

  • Can be used with any commercial / military primary energetic and has been tested with C1, C4, PE4, PE7, M46

  • Ultimate control of initiation on demand without any time limitations


Technical Data COBRA

  • o/a Length: 600 mm / o/a Width: 480 mm / o/a Height: 230 mm

  • Weight in air (fully loaded): approx. 8 kg

  • Materials: Reinforced GRP, HDPE, Aluminium

  • Operational Depth: from 0 to 300 metres (including Surface Operation)

  • Attachment to marine ordnance and other explosive items found at sea:
       “Twin Swordfish” Nail Attachment Units and alternatives attachment units

  • Trigger Initiation: 75 Newtons

  • Cowl Detachment: Bungee Release

  • Mine Detonation: Twin “BX-90” Shaped Charge Disruptors (approx. 2 kg)

  • Operational Temperature Range: -10° to +50° C

  • Storage Temperature Range: -30° to +70° C

  • Initiation Method: Non-Electric Shock Tube


New: COBRA will be supplied in recyclable boxes foldable to be stored flat.

Technical Details / Features SeaFox vehicle

Dimensions Length: 1.31m Width: 0.39m Heigth: 0.39m
Weight 43 kg
Operating Depth Up to 300m
Speed -0.5 kts up to 6 kts
Endurance up to 100 min depending on mission profile
Power supply LISO2 (non-rechargeable)
Navigation Transponder/Responder Aided dead reckoning (pressure sensor)
Communication FOC
System Sensors FLS, TV camera



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