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Mine Disposal Vehicle



This fibre-optic guided, one shot mine disposal vehicle is used for semi-autonomous disposal of naval mines and other ordnance found at sea. It is able to automatically relocate previously acquired positions of underwater objects within minutes with the integrated homing sonar.After relocating, these objects can be identified using the onboard CCTV camera and destroyed by the use of a built-in, large caliber shaped charge. The one-way concept significantly reduces the disposal time and extends the operational envelope.

The system has been fully qualified for military purposes and has been introduced in large numbers into various navies. It is deployable from a wide range of carrier platforms, including dedicated MCM vessels, surface combatants, craft of opportunity, rubber boats and helicopters.

SeaFox - Scenarios

The SeaFox system is a mine disposal system based on the most advanced concept using the Expendable Mine Disposal Vehicle principle (EMDV).
Small, unmanned underwater drones are used for direct disposal of historical and most modern mine types; identical, reusable vehicles (without charge) are used for inspection, identification and training purposes.

The system is effective against long and short tethered mines, proud ground mines and floating mines.

The SeaFox system mainly comprises a console, a launcher and the SeaFox vehicles. The system can be delivered as a stand-alone or a fully integrated version.
In case of stand-alone the console contains all electronics, software, displays and operating elements to guide the vehicle automatically or manually towards the target and to relocate, identify and destroy it. In the fully integrated version, a Multi Function Console or any existing console can be used.
The two different vehicles ensure quick disposal of mines during operation with the combat vehicle (SeaFox C) as well as cost-saving identification with the reusable identification version (SeaFox I).

Main Features

Main Features

  • Expendable SeaFox vehicle considerably reduces mission time compared to other systems. Typically SeaFox achieves mine disposal four times faster than recoverable ROV methods.

  • Shaped charge warhead destroys all known mine types including those containing insensitive explosives, mainly by sympathetic detonation.

  • Positive identification via high resolution sonar and optical sensors, accurate positioning using 4 propellers and 1 thruster.

  • Shaped charge warhead achieves reliable mine destruction against all known mine types. Unintentional mine detonation constitutes mission success. SeaFox can approach mine without restriction.

  • Minimal storage requirements because of small size and low explosive content. Control from stand-alone operator console or integrated into existing MCMV displays.

  • Low Life Cycle Cost due to “wooden round” concept of the combat vehicle and low maintenance effort for the reusable inspection vehicle.

  • Fully qualified by German Navy and other NATO authorities.

  • SeaFox system is in service with 11 Navies on more than 70 platforms.